CrossFit-specific Competition* Programming

*Athletes who are fighting for top spots into the CrossFit Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Games


  • Athletes interested in subscribing should be in at least the top 10% of the CrossFit Open.

  • Athletes should be able to perform most WODs Rx and higher level skills, i.e. RMU, strict HSPUs, and handstand walks.

What to Expect:

  • TFW Competition track is perfect for developing strength, gymnastics skills, and aerobic endurance.

  • Programming cycles are adjusted throughout the year based on the CrossFit Open and succeeding competitions.

  • Programming will include five days of training, one day of active recovery, and one rest day. Athletes will need approximately 1.5-2/hrs session.

  • This is the exact programming The Fit Wiz does himself. 

  • Workouts will be released weekly via TrueCoach App.

*Cancel at any time. No commitment. Shoot us an email or message on TrueCoach if you need to be canceled out or change programs.