The Fit Wiz Method Recreational Track offers an option for functional fitness or CrossFit-specific workouts.


  • Barbell & plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, rower and/or bike, jump rope, running space or treadmill

  • Individuals should be able to perform basic barbell movements with correct form, i.e. squat, deadlift, shoulder press. Optional olympic lifts are included. 

What to expect:

  • The program offers a functional mix of strength, metcons, core, and accessory movements for general physical preparedness (GPP). Warm-ups are included. This is perfect for the everyday athlete with access to a CrossFit box or traditional gym.

  • Be prepared to increase muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, and mobility.

  • The cycles within this program will be similar to the comp track, but with less volume and time demand.

  • Programming will include five days of training, one day of active recovery, and one rest day. Athletes will need approximately 1-1.5hr/session.

  • All programming will be released weekly on Sundays through the TrueCoach App

*Cancel at any time. No commitment. Shoot us an email or message on TrueCoach if you need to be canceled out or change programs.