MINIMALIST track 3-DAY sample 

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10 min AMRAP (As many reps and round as possible) for Quality:

6 No-jump Burpees

6 Stationary Inchworms 

6 Double DB Seated Strict Press @ easy-moderate 

6 Double DB Bent-over Rows @ easy-moderate

Strength I:

Double Dumbbell Push Press 

*Using a challenging weight*

3 Rounds of

10 Reps 

Rest 30sec

5 Reps 

Rest 1 min between rounds

Strength II:

3-4 Rounds:

12 DB (Dumbbell) Bent-over Rows 

12 DB Neutral Grip Bench Press 

12 DB Lat Pull-overs 

Rest 1 min between sets

Pick a challenging weight where you can maintain form and perform each set unbroken.



1st: 30sec Max Jump Rope Single-unders 

2nd: 30sec Max Double DB Hang Power Snatches @ 30/20s

3rd: 30sec Max Burpees

**(Every minute on the minute)

Optional Core: 

3 Rounds:

10R/L Standing Dumbbell Oblique Dips 

15 Sit-ups

Rest 1 min b/t rds