Gretchen Key
Gretchen here from the Fit Wiz Team! I am a L1 CrossFit Coach with a CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Certification, a Regional/Sanctional CrossFit Athlete, Precision Nutrition Coach, Registered Occupational Therapist, and Owner of Key Nutrition & Performance.

As a well developed athlete and coach, I’ve helped hundreds of athletes over the years to reach their goals. As a previously competitive runner and swimmer, I specialize in helping athletes increase their aerobic base while maintaining and increasing strength. I love to work with individuals on nutrition and health-specific goals!
Denis Samsonov
Hey guys! I’m Denis. I’m a L-1 CrossFit coach and a Regional/Sanctional CrossFit athlete. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help people with all kinds of lifestyles transform their bodies and feel healthier by making manageable and attainable workout plans. With the awesome team at The Fit Wiz Method, we have been able to come up with workout tracks that are suitable for anyone. We offer an all dumbbell Minimalist track for anyone with limited time and no access to the gym. We also have a CrossFit track that I personally follow, as well as a Bodybuilding track for anyone who’s looking to get their desired physique in a regular gym setting.

Being involved in the fitness industry from a very young age and being a part of the functional fitness industry for the past 7 years, I’ve learned how to make working out a fun and enjoyable experience. I now want to share that with people all over the world!
Lori Payne
Hey guys, I’m Lori and I’m part of The Fit Wiz Team!

I’ve been editing videos since I was around 20 years old and I finally made the jump into full time videographer and editor 5 years ago!

There’s no doubt about it, videography is my passion and I love to share it with the world. I started filming parkour and action sports and this transitioned into my main focus being CrossFit and workout videos.

Being part of The Fit Wiz Team is like a dream come true, getting to work with two of my best friends is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I'm so excited you guys are here and would love to see you join one of our awesome programs. Happy training, guys!